Our 7 Written Guarantees

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Response Guarantee

1. Response Guarantee

If you call and we don't respond to you via phone or e-mail within 24 business hours or less we will waive that month's management fee.

Fee Guarantee

2. Our Fee Guarantee

If you find a lower fee we will match it and give another 5% off the monthly management fee.

Resident Guarantee

3. Resident Guarantee

We will pay for the eviction, attorney and court cost if resident defaults for any reason for life of resident.
Our eviction rate is less than 1% on 10,000 properties rented.

Rent Check Guarantee

4. Rent Check Guarantee

If we don't mail your rent within 5 business days of receipt of the rent we will waive our management fee for that month.

Marketing Guarantee

5. Marketing Guarantee

We will call you each week when your property is up for rent or we will waive our management fee when the property rents.

Maintenance Guarantee

6. No Mark Up on Maintenance Guarantee

We not only guarantee that we will never make a mark-up on repairs, but we also have set pricing that our vendors must agree to. This keeps your maintenance cost in check.

Inspection Guarantee

7. Inspection Guarantee

We will conduct an exterior inspection every month and take a picture of the front of the property so you can view on your portal from desktop to smartphones. In addition, we will perform an annual inspection with multiple pictures, or we will waive our management fee that month.